Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Afternoons at the Park

Charlie and I have been making a point of getting out at least once a day and enjoying the weather. Raleigh has a great system of trails and parks so when we are out and about we are never far from a park. We try to take advantage of this whenever we are running errands and stop by a park to play for a bit. Each one is a little different. This last week we explored the "sand park" (above) with little slides tunnels and bridges just Charlie's size (and of course lots of sand), and the "train park" with the train and carousel (no pictures). Charlie was mildly entertained with the slide, quietly fascinated with the feeling of the sand slipping through his fingers, and LOVED exploring a new place (new rocks and sticks to examine).

Playing hard at the park required a snack and water break.

But it wasn't too long before he was done with snacks (and pictures for that matter) and wanted to play some more.


Suzanne Earl said...

Charlie is such a handsome little man!

Deb said...

Charlie is getting so big! And is still as cute as ever!

We've been heading out to the beach this week with my sister and Manu has loved playing in the sand too. It is so funny to watch him trying to figure out how to get wet sand off his hands!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! The weather and Charlie. It has been raining almost non-stop. Mom is so eager to see you all!