Monday, March 19, 2012

A Short Spring and the Turtle Awakening

I should have guessed that with a non-existent winter the spring wouldn't stick around for too long. Technically spring began this week but really summer began last week when we busted out the shorts and Chacos to enjoy our 80+ degree days. Short as it may have been spring did delight with some lovely pink, purple, and white tree blossoms that perfumed the air.

Another sign that the warm weather is here to stay: On the first day that topped 80 degrees turtles were popping up all over the place. Decidedly out of the picture for the last several months they now cover logs and low branches on the lake everyday acting like they own the place. I bet that nothing would make you miss sun-bathing like being buried in the mud all winter. I can almost hear their collective happy sigh as I jog past. "Ahhhhhh, sun."


branches 'n' twigs said...

Wow - love love love the turtles!
When I was young, Uncle Scottie brought dozens of turtles home from some desert. He drilled a tiny hole in the back edge of their shell, hooked a small gauged chain to it and I'd take the turtles for a walk. So cool until I tied one to the door of Grandma's car for just a minute only to hear her start the car. I came running and saw her driving down the driveway with the turtle in tow. She saw me running, waving my arms and screaming behind her. Can you image her asking "Why would you tie a turtle to the car?"
She was a very patient woman...even then.

Sarah said...

Patti, that is such a funny turtle story! Although very sad for the poor turtle. I'm remembering a turtle with a penchant for escaping his home in a tank on top of Katie's dresser. What was his name, Katie?

Katie said...

Oh Patti! That story made me smile then gasp in shock. So funny, and poor little turtle! I remember when April told me that some people with tortoises like theirs put them in their wills because they live so long. At that moment I would have done anything to be her favorite niece and inherit that tortoise!

Sarah: His name was Kiwi (which I still think is one of the most perfect names for a turtle), and I think of him and our pool swims together almost every time I spy a turtle at the lake. There are three pets Keith has promised that I can have one day: hermit crabs, another hedgehog, and another turtle. *smile*