Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend Part 1: Hanging Rock

My dad was headed to South Carolina this week for work so he flew into Raleigh and spent Easter weekend with us. Hooray! Wanting to get out of town, we made the drive to Hanging Rock State Park and poked around.

Charlie of course had to investigate every stick, rock, and leaf along the way.

It's a stack of Charlies!

There are two areas in the park that are open to rock climbing. Although there wasn't time on this trip for climbing we made the little hike up to one of the walls to check out the routes. Oh how we miss having climbing areas nearby! Charlie did get a little bouldering in and was upset when his spotter wouldn't let him go higher and higher.

The view from the wall was great, though Charlie appreciated the large collection of rocks more.

It was a quick trip but lovely and fun. It is so nice to spend time in the outdoors with family even if it isn't doing anything too adventurous.


Melinda said...

Looks like fun!

Karen said...

How fun!! I bet Charlie loved hanging out with Grandpa and vice versa. I love that the eggs were more interesting two days later!