Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend Part 2: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was relaxing and great. Grandpa took Charlie duty when needed at church and Keith and I loved the break. I think Charlie liked it too.

We attempted an Easter egg hunt that afternoon but Charlie didn't want to play along.

We put either a jelly bean or sticker in each egg and placed them on the lawn. Then we opened one up so Charlie could have the jelly bean and be motivated to find the others. He was more interested in sticks. Keith and Grandpa did their best to interest him in the eggs, but it didn't work.

Side note: On Tuesday Charlie found the unopened eggs in the plastic bag. He opened one after another eating jelly beans and playing with stickers and loved it. I guess he figured it out eventually.

After the hunt we took Grandpa on a walk around the lake. While crossing the little bridge over the spillway we spotted a little turtle stuck in the almost dry spillway. It quickly became apparent that he had fallen over the little dam from the lake and now had no way out. Keith and I agreed that the little reptile must be saved. I jumped the fence into the spillway, picked up the turtle, handed it to Keith on the other side of the fence, and climbed out of the spillway. Possibly illegal, not dangerous (it is a tiny spillway), and we saved the turtle. His shell was a bit banged up but nothing serious. We carried him down a ways past the spillway to where I always see a large group of turtles and released him into the lake.

Family, wonderful lessons at church, sticks for Charlie, and a turtle all makes for one great Easter.

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branches 'n' twigs said...

That's our Katie...saving the world one little creature at a time.
Happy Easter to you all too. :)