Friday, April 27, 2012

Lake and Love

My sweet mom has been visiting us for just over a week and hung out with Charlie so Keith and I could go celebrate our anniversary. Keith came home early from work and we headed to the lake to go boating. I had the idea that we wanted to take out a paddle boat instead of a canoe so that we could sit next to each other (it makes smooching easier ya know). However I forgot how cumbersome a square boat could be, so we didn't explore as much of the lake as we had hoped. I guess we will just have to go again! We saw turtles, nesting geese, and thoroughly enjoyed just floating on the lake together.

After boating we had dinner at a trendy little restaurant in downtown Raleigh, walked the streets a bit, and came home to watch a flick with my mom. The date was simple and perfect. Thanks Mom!


Marti Temus said...

I sure enjoyed hanging out with Charlie while you were gone! So glad you two found each other!

Miriam said...

Sounds like a great anniversary!