Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Visit From Grandma

My mom came to visit for almost two weeks and I don't know who loved it more, Charlie or me.

Playing in the sand, Grandma and Charlie in front of a greenhouse frame that Grandma fell in love with (if only it was in Washington!), fun inside on wet days, and a big black racer snake outside our door.
It is the end of the semester and the busiest part of the field season so Keith has been gone a lot and I absolutely loved having someone to hang out with during the day. We played, took walks, did yoga, went to the park, went to the market, played some more and had a grand ol' time.

Charlie got to spend more time outside as there was another pair of eyes to keep an eye on him while other tasks were getting done.

One afternoon we explored the children's museum (Marbles in Raleigh) which was awesome. Charlie was a bit confused by the fake strawberries in the little market though.

We went biking around the lake and let Charlie out to explore. I love that little belly.
We LOVED having you here Mom! You and anyone else are welcome anytime!

Bonus video!

Charlie has become fascinated with snapping fingers as of late. The first thing he does when I enter his room in the morning or after a nap is rub his fingers together trying to snap and asking me to snap my fingers. That is what he is doing in the first part of the video. Near the end he does his Charlie Dance (stomping his feet), which he will randomly do and laugh when you do it too.


Deb said...

I love Charlie's cute little dance! So glad you got to spend time with your wonderful Mom!

beckstarr said...

This is darling! I love your mom's haircut too! Yay for days in the forest! It's beautiful