Monday, May 21, 2012

Homemade Sugar-Free Strawberry Freezer Jam

With all the tasty strawberries at the farmer's market lately I had to try my hand at some strawberry freezer jam. I have been freezing strawberries for the past few weeks and searching for a good and naturally sweetened strawberry freezer jam recipe, and I think I found a winner that is worth sharing with you.

I used this recipe and increased the pectin by a bit because the thawed berries were very juicy. I sweetened it with grape juice (though apple would work well too) and honey. Keith and Charlie agree that it tastes way better than store bought jam.
Cheap, incredibly yummy, easy, and healthy. Jam doesn't get better than that.


Marti Temus said...

Awesome Katie!!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Just in time too! The other day, I picked a gallon of strawberries from our garden. I followed this recipe but used Agave instead of the honey. I also used one whole can of white grape juice concentrate without diluting it. It turned out so good, we have already gone through four eight ounce jars! It's great on ice cream, cheese cake...(not that I will admit that I have had both in less than one week...) Thanks again! Love ya!