Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nat Geo

Charlie has a new favorite book on a regular basis. One week he is all about "Goodnight Moon," the next he can't get enough of the "Colors" book (the orange crab has "two big pinchers!") This week he is expanding his library to include the National Geographic. He specifically likes the articles on Solar Super Storms and Estonia's Ural Owls. He always seems to be listening intently as I point out the solar flare on the big red sun, the fact that the Northern Lights are green, and the owl that is hiding in the tree. Sometimes he even tries to say "owl" but my excitement at his efforts seem to confuse him and he stops. Oh well. I still love it when we turn the last page and he adamantly urges me to "read" it again.

Forgive the fuzzy picture. Sometimes with this guy I am lucky just to get him in the frame.
Charlie also has decided that it is fun to walk around with monkeys around his neck (up to three at a time). It really gets him laughing if you put the monkeys around your neck and then dance like a monkey, making them sway as you exclaim :Oooooo! Eeeee! Aaaa! Aaaa!

Not that I would know.

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Karen said...

Did you know they have a National Geographic magazine out for "Little Kids?" My mom got a subscription for us and we love it. It's just the right size for toddlers. The real deal is pretty sweet too though...lots more pages, probably some cooler pictures :)