Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Wonderful Washington Visit Part Two: hikes and other adventures

Sarah and Brooke during a wet walk in the woods. Brooke enjoyed slurping the raindrops off of the plastic poncho.
We did some hiking while in Washington. Not generally big news but I have missed having hiking trails close by while in North Carolina. I got a bit spoiled in Utah in that sense.
Charlie exploring the woods that neighbor our place. I have many memories of exploring these same trails as a kid.
As the trail got slick and steep in places Charlie would insist on holding my hands as we slowly made our way. Once it was flat again he would take off.
View from the trailhead at Mud Mountain.
Sarah has started a weekly hiking group called "Summer Hikes with Kids." I love it! They had one group hike while I was visiting. We went to Mud Mountain and should have taken a clue from the name as to the condition of the trail, but it was a fun time.

We went to the zoo! Brooke made her doggy sounds whenever she saw an animal and Charlie was fascinated with the giant Kimono Dragon and his big flicking tongue. We all had a great time until it starting raining, the babes got tired, and it started to go down hill from there.

Charlie wanted to play with the basket ball. At least he isn't crying, right?
Through the regional chapter of the BYU alumni Mom got tickets to Les Mis on the Fourth of July for complete steal at $22 (normally $135)! Can't pass up an opportunity like that to cross another item off my bucket list! We all went to a fun picnic hosted by a family friend that afternoon and then I left Charlie with Sarah and Darren to go to the play with the folks.

The play was fabulous! And it was the most fun I have ever had as a third wheel. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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