Friday, July 27, 2012

Just Peachy

Keith and I agree that peaches from the south (yes North Carolina is technically in the south) will be a staple in heaven. Along with Nutella, and Puyallup Valley strawberries, but that is a different post....
We can't get enough of these fuzzy, sweet, juicy bundles of deliciousness! And Charlie can go through the canned peaches like no other during the colder parts of the year. So the logical decision was made to delve into the canning world, beginning with peaches.

The handsome peach prepper himself.
 And that is exactly what we did last Saturday. All. Day. Long.

Our poor little kitchen had never seen such action!

And sweet Charlie never felt so couped up on a Saturday. He didn't understand why Mom and Dad spent almost the entire day in the kitchen. He did enjoy a fair bit of fresh peaches though! Our theme song for the day was appropriately "Peaches" (millions of peaches, peaches for me...)

After a long hot day of work we ended up with forty-four quarts of lovely peaches canned in fruit juice. Awesome.

And Charlie has found a new toy.


Granny B said...

Awesome! Welcome to the world of canning! DelMonte will never be good enough again...

beckstarr said...

Good job, you guys! Canning...we've been doing that as well, and though I'm not a fan, we love the peaches in the winter too! 44 is quite the accomplishment in one day! I loved reading about your visit home. Good for you guys!