Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Northwest Family Reunion Part Two: Hangin' in the Hood NW Style

Two of the things I absolutely love: family and the Northwest. It was a great week!
Hanging out in the backyard before the trip. Keith and Darren (bottom of the ladder) help with tree trimming while the babies work hard in the sand and water.
Our first official Temus family reunion was based just outside of Hood River, Oregon.

On our first day there we took advantage of the cheep price of pick-your-own blueberries in the area. They were super yummy which was good because we picked a ton! Charlie loved eating the blueberries right off the bushes even if some of them were still green.

Sarah made a lovely blueberry sauce for pancakes. Despite our best efforts, by the end of the week there were still berries left and they were starting to turn (as Brooke discovered).
We also spent time playing in the Hood River, the Columbia River (to which the Hood River runs), and generally enjoying the beauty of the area (that is Mt. Hood in the background).

We enjoyed a ride along a nice little biking/jogging path that runs through the Columbia River Gorge.

On Wednesday Liz, Cory, and Alex all joined the group (they couldn't come down for the entire week) and we headed to Multnomah Falls for a little hike...

...and a complete family photo! Two observations about this photo: not everyone can look this good after four days of camping (am I right or what?), and we should be paid by Chaco for advertising.

Of course there was lots of hanging out around camp, playing with babies, and generally relaxing.

There was also lots of s'more making and Satrburst roasting (Mmmmmm, hmmmmm!) Charlie of course loved the endless supply of sticks.
Brooke giving Charlie directions to the playground.
Charlie playing with his pet rock (I am still pretty proud of this invention) and patiently waiting for Keith to re-tie it. He dragged it all over the campground for the longest time leaving a long and winding path behind him.

The campsite was aptly nicknamed the dustbowl, and the family reunion, Dustbowl 2012. Charlie has never had so many baths in a weeks time.

By the end the little ones were showing the effects of a week of not sleeping well and were ready to go home, but all in all it was a fabulous week. A perfect final vacation for a splendid summer.

P.S. There are no pictures but I had to mention the Friday afternoon run of the White Salmon captained by the hoarse Liz. Cory (her voice) and her made a great team, and Joe survived taking his kayak over the falls!

Bonus video: Charlie and his pet rock



Deb said...

fun. fun. fun.

Spring said...

So cute! I want a pet rock!! Just saw your parents last night. We talked about adorable Charlie! And your dad was so sweet and patient throwing balls to Miles to hit with a baseball. Miles talked about it all night.

Karen said...

What fun!! Family reunions are the best! I love the pet rock, too! P.S. I've been meaning to mention it to you, but have you seen the National Geographic Little Kids book series they have now? Look them up at your library....they are awesome!