Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Long Weekend with my Favorite Guys

My sweet guys at Hemlock Bluffs

 Our Labor Day weekend was simple, but oh so nice. We love days when the three of us can hang out, take time with breakfast, go exploring, not worry about homework, and laugh lots. On Saturday we rode our bikes to the Farmer's Market to browse for a plant for Keith's new office and get some produce. Keith also spotted a sale on hanging baskets (2 for $5!), bought them for me and then biked them all the way home in the trailer along with Charlie and the heavy produce. Love.

Hemlock cones and trumpet flowers.
Sunday was a lovely restful sabbath that included having new friends over for dinner. Then on Monday we headed off to explore Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, a nearby park we drove by one day when we took the "scenic route" home.
Hemlock Bluffs is home to the only stand of hemlock trees in the state (and the vast majority of the south). When the world heated up after the last ice age the other "alpine" plant species that had lived here up and died. These (well the ancestors of these) survived because they were in a nice cool spot on the northern side of these little bluffs. So now they are protected and surrounded by this nice little preserve that has walking/jogging trails and a nature education center, all located in the middle of the town of Cary.
There. Now you have had your natural history lesson for the day.

One of the really neat things about fall here is the array of fungus that pops out of the ground. These are only two of the wide variety we saw on our walk, and they are just getting started! I never knew fungus could be so pretty before I moved here. I am always amazed at the combinations of colors and shapes there are.

All in all it was a fabulous weekend. And as a side bonus the hike and time at the market got me super excited for fall!

Oh, I almost forgot that I threw this picture on here. Another notable part of this weekend was that Keith taught Charlie to flex his arms. He would be flexing both arms in this picture but he wouldn't put down the nunchucks. Of course.


Karen said...

Love the nunchucks picture! What a strong stud muffin Charlie is!

Deb said...

sweet nunchucks! Charlie looks so tall!