Sunday, September 2, 2012


On a whim before flying to Washington this last time I bought Charlie a few Hot Wheels cars for the trip. Little did I know that he would completely fall in love with them. They were complete lifesavers on the plane rides and now he packs them everywhere with him. His fine motor skills have improved because once he has picked them up he rarely will put the little cars down in order to do things like close a door, pick up another object, or turn a page in a book. So it made me smile when during his nap I went to get a mixing bowl to make muffins and found them stashed in the smallest bowl, waiting for him to come back.


Deb said...

Nice. I was just about to write that I'd tried to do the same with Manu (only with bigger toy cars) on our trip, but he didn't really go for it. Then I turned around and there he was pushing one across the floor! Maybe Charlie inspires him.

Liz said...

I just love the happy little moments you capture. Makes. My. Day.

Love you!