Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Visit from Ama

 Less than two weeks after our Christmas guests left us my mom ("Ama") came for a week while Keith went to San Diego for a conference. We had a low-key but good time and the week definitely went faster than it would have with just Charlie and me.


Charlie organizing and "counting" the apples we bought at the market. He has a big thing for lining objects up. Cars, trucks, bowls, shoes, groceries... you name it, he lines it up and counts it. "One, two, tee... seven..."
Exploring at the arboretum, one of our favorite activities. It and the lake are my two favorite places to go with the boys. 


By far their favorite part was finding a little tractor with trailer. They went round and around it carefully inspecting each wheel, the trailer hitch, the steering wheel, seats, everything. This was serious business and they took their time to make sure the inspection was thorough.

We bought step stools and Charlie's favorite activity on them is to wash the dishes. He has big shoes to fill as he continues a strong tradition of Merrill dish-washing men.

Ama's visit happened to coincide with an increased interest in sunglasses ("sundaddies"). Here he easily combines style with smarts as he rocks the shades while computing with the calculator on Ama's phone.
 Charlie loved Ama's visit! Charlie couldn't get enough hide-and-seek with her and would climb into bed with her in the morning and ask her to sing to him ("agee"= again). I loved the adult company, watching her play with Charlie, and being introduced to Downton Abbey at night.

Thanks for the visit Ama! We love you!


branches 'n' twigs said...

Love the picture of Ama and Charlie!

Marti Temus said...

It was a great time!!! So fun to listen to all his talking!