Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Break Part 2

The week following Christmas was filled with low-key family fun. We stayed up and played board games every night and relished in our combined break from normal responsibilities.

After Charlie helped me check out at the grocery store he took me on a high speed boat ride.
It was a rather rainy week so one day we headed to the children's museum. With five adults and only one kid, we had to share Charlie, but Charlie loved it!

It wasn't all play though. Grampa Joe needed a shot and Charlie, always the thorough one, gave him several.

Then he took Daddy on a ride in the ambulance.

For a brief moment Charlie was hesitant about these cages two-floors up, but he soon LOVED running in and out of them with Grampa Joe.

Disc golf dudes.
 Luckily we had some good weather days too. We went out for a round of disc golf one morning so Grampa could try out his new Christmas disc.

I must say that my form was nothing short of amazing, especially for a rookie. Unfortunately it didn't get me very far.
Grampa Joe and Gramma B and I explored the far end of the lake during Charlie's nap one day. We got a bit lost at one point but had fun seeing where the waterfowl nest during winter.

During down times Charlie would ask Grampa Joe for "Aa-moo-moos." And would then look at animal flash cards on Grampa's phone.


 On another fair-weather day we drove out to Hemlock Bluffs. It is a nature preserve pretty much in the middle of the town of Cary with hiking trails and lookout points. It preserves the one stand of hemlock trees in the entire south. Hemlocks grew all over here shortly after the last ice age but as things continued to warm after the ice was gone, it became too hot for them. Except for the north side of this little bluff where there was a cool enough micro climate for a small stand to survive. Cool huh!?



 The highlight of the hike was spotting the 131st bird species on my life bird list: the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. I almost missed it, and according to the bird book it is a bit of a recluse, so I was thrilled.

Charlie loved running between the "trolls" that were under this bridge and playing hide-and-seek around the trees.

 All three of us were really sad to see these guys go. We love you, come visit again soon!


Spring said...

Charlie looks like he is on cloud 9 with all that attention. Is he wearing 2 ties in the picture with his Grandpa? :) So cute!

Deb said...

What a wonderful visit for you! I love the "trolls" under the bridge - how funny! I can almost hear a squeal of delight. And wow! congrats on you 131st bird!

Katie said...

Yes he is wearing two ties, Spring! That is his trademark fashion statement these days.