Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekends with Papa

Wandering in the trees outside our apartment. Charlie is carrying his single (Hotwheels) car garage, otherwise known as an old Altoids tin. Couldn't leave home without it.
For four weeks in January and February my Dad ("Papa") was working in Greensboro, NC and each weekend he would come visit us. I love it when things work out like that!
With Keith's family, then my mom, then my dad all visiting one after another we have decided to rename our apartment the Merrill Hotel. Rooms are limited so book early. (Or book anytime really. We are flexible and really, really love visitors! hint hint)

It was fun to see the transition Charlie made as he got more and more comfortable with Papa as the weekends progress. And since he has left Charlie talks about him occasionally and looks for him when we skype Ama. He also points to pictures of white-haired men in his picture books and says "Papa!"

Eating take out and watch college basketball.

Papa and Charlie spent a good deal of time each weekend building towers and other unique structures. Papa, ever the good engineer, tried to teach Charlie building techniques that would ensure a stable structure but it didn't always turn out that way.

On his last weekend here we took Papa to our favorite big toy park. I should get a picture of the whole thing sometime. It is like a big wooden castle with bridges and a maze of tunnels throughout it. It makes me want to be Charlie's size again just so I can explore the whole thing.

After exploring the castle we headed down to the nearby pond and boardwalk and took a walk amongst the waterfowl

We loved our weekends with Papa and hope to have more soon!

Bonus video:

Charlie LOVES having people mimic him. It is probably one of his favorite games. Pardon my hand, I didn't know there was filming going on. :)


Liz said...

SO cute. Can't get enough of these two.

Marti Temus said...

I'd like to make a reservation for Easter :-))
Tell Charlie that Ama and Papa are coming at the same time!!

Deb said...

That big toy park looks so fun! Wish we could bring Manu over to play! I'm so glad you're enjoying all your visitors. My MIL has been in town too, and it is so nice to have company.
Love you!

branches 'n' twigs said...

Ha ha! The video was so cute! Love your little Charlie. :)