Friday, March 8, 2013

Utah Family Time (Part 1)

 We returned a few days ago from a wonderful, family filled trip to Utah. We haven't been there in almost two years. Our original plan was to visit in the summer when Paul (Keith's brother), Jenae, and their kids would all be visiting from Germany where he is stationed with the Air Force. Then Paul got notice that he would be deployed in May so we hustled and got the entire Merrill family together for the first time in two years. Shawn even pulled away from work and school in Philly to be there.

The happy twist in the story is that two days after we got there Paul received news that his deployment had been canceled. Awesome!

Four generations of Merrills.

Prepping for winter conditions, sledding beneath Mt. Timp (oh how I miss mountains!), and snow angels (Mine, Charlies, and Grammas)
We actually arrived in town a few days before the others so we got Grandpa Joe and Gramma B all to ourselves. Charlie thought all of the attention was pretty great. We took him sledding for the first time and he absolutely loved it!

Everyone wanted a turn sledding with Charlie and he was all to happy to oblige.

As the afternoon went on Charlie's enthusiasm for sledding never waned but his enthusiasm for walking up the hill did. He sure loved being thrown over Dad's shoulder though!

We sent Charlie down by him self once and although he smiled all the way he insisted on having someone else in the sled for future runs. He didn't have a shortage of volunteers.

 Alex (my "little" brother who is at BYU) came over for a few afternoons to hangout with us. Anyone who will build block towers with Charlie is all right in his book so Alex fit right in.

Charlie stretching with Uncle Paul, making sure Ginger is never without her chew stick (he followed that dog around like... well... a puppy), and playing with his cousin Trevor.
After a few days Paul, Jenae, and their kids came into town and Charlie got to play with his Merrill cousins for the first time ever and we had some good ol' family time. Stay tuned...

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Liz said...

Oh beautiful snow and mountains! Looks like Charlie (and you) loved it. Fun, fun, fun.