Wednesday, November 27, 2013

An Update with Photos

For those of you who haven't already heard, my surgery has been scheduled for December 6. I will spend the day before in the hospital getting a functional MRI done and various other tests and pre-op procedures. My church congregation, family and some friends are joining in fasting and praying this Sunday for all to go well with the operation and recovery. Thank you in advance for any of you that do join in. In my dark moments it is often the thought of so many dear friends praying for me that buoys me up.

Now for pictures of the last few weeks. Regardless of the tumor, life goes on. So much to be thankful for! Sorry for the photo dump...
Jane waking up.
Happy Jane.
A not-so-happy Jane.

Jane's personal body guard.
Charlie teaching Jane how tummy-time is done.
Charlie reading a book to his bear chair (an early birthday gift from Granny B and Grandpa Joe).
Jane giving Keith moral support as he works.
Jane's pocket being used to store Charlie's cars and trucks. Charlie gets very disappointed these days when outfits do not include pockets.
Jane's swing being used as a race track.
Happy Momma at the park. That is Charlie in the stripes running away from the camera.
Tired but happy Momma.
Charlie helping in the kitchen; one of his favorite things to do.
Us. Hanging in there.


lorie said...

You look so cute with your hair short! I'm not just saying's true! Absolutely darling! Your little girl is as beautiful as her mama! We will be fasting! Love to your family!!

Deb said...

I love these! Manu was sitting on my lap as I read this post and he'd point to all the pictures and say "That's baby Jane!"

Love you tons!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Alicia said...

I also like the short hair. I'm so glad you said something about the family fast and your surgery date. We will be fasting and praying for your full recovery and for the doctors to do their very best.

Karen said...

You can photo dump any time! I love seeing what you and your family are up to! We will be praying/fasting for you as well!!