Monday, November 18, 2013

Who Has the Shorter Hair?

 I always thought pixie cuts were cute... on other people. People with thinner faces, smaller noses, etc. And I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to drastic hair style changes. So that is why it took impending brain surgery to give me the big kick I needed if I was ever going to take the short-hair plunge. Not only would really short hair be easier to deal with during the long recovery post-surgery, but it would also grow out better with the shave job the surgeon is going to give me.

In general I like it a lot; though it takes I bit of getting used to. I like that it dries faster, and that it doesn't get in my face when I roll the the window down. I just hope that I learn how to style it before the surgeon messes it up.
The date of the surgery, by the way, we will learn on Wednesday. After the contrast MRI on Tuesday (tomorrow).


Deb said...

Love it! I really miss my own pixie cut and hope you love yours. It looks super cute on you. And I'm so glad to get another glimpse at sweet little Jane.

I'll be anxiously awaiting an update Wed.

Love you tons!

Spring said...

Oh I love it! I really want to do a pixie hair cut too! Our prayers are with you, best of luck!

Karen said...

You make any hair style look good, Katie! Please keep us updated on the surgery date! We think of you often!! xo

The Squirrel Family said...

Michelle has a contrast MRI story!
I had to lay face down and absolutely still ( as you know), but that's kinda hard when you get the giggles. Yes, giggles. After the first scan without contrast, when they tried to inject the contrast into the IV, it wouldn't flow. They tried and tried and then suddenly the contrast squirted everywhere! It was all over the machine, the blankets, and I felt a bunch land on my hair. Everyone in the room froze for a minute, stunned at the mess. I had a mental picture of radioactive green goo on my head. After warning me yet again to not move, they mopped it up and managed to finally get the IV to let another round of contrast in my system.
Best wishes for tomorrow's appointment. Our baby girl has an appointment with a neurosurgeon tomorrow, too. Hydrocephalus, we think. Anyway, you and your family are in our prayers!
Michelle and Rusty

Melanie said...

Super cute!

Scott and April Earl said...

We are praying for you too. I bet TONS of your many good friends are. God Bless!
Scott & April