Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Introducing Jane!

 Our sweet daughter Jane has arrived!!! She is absolute perfection and we are so very much in love. She weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and in 19 1/4 inches long. Her birth was an incredibly special experience, one that I will treasure always. Thanks to the prayers of countless people I only had a couple of very minor seizures during labor. No small miracle. There were many blessings throughout the whole process that made it clear that the Lord was answering our prayers in very specific and loving ways.

My dear friend Emily drove Granny B and Charlie up to the hospital the next day to meet baby Jane. It was really good to see them. I missed my Charlie.

He walked in the room and came right over to my bed and climbed up. After looking at Jane for a bit he cautiously held her for a couple of minutes. After that he wanted me to take her so he could go see what all the different light switches and buttons around the room did. Hospital rooms are not very toddler-proof.

Keith holding Jane for the first time. After a few moments I asked if he was falling in love. He replied that it was too late. He has totally fallen for his little girl. I have too.

In case you hadn't heard, hospitals are not places to go if you want a good nights rest. We were happy to go home, get a decent nap (well, decent for having a newborn), and eat some real food.

 Keith's dad flew in from Utah as a surprise for Bonnie's birthday, which is this week. The whole family successfully kept his coming a secret for the past four weeks. She was shocked when he called from the airport to ask if she could come pick him up. It was awesome.

 So here we are learning how to be parents to two wonderful kids. What an adventure we have ahead!

P.S. One big difference between Charlie as a newborn and Jane is that it Jane sleeps a ton. The meds I am on to control the seizures has the side effect of making nursing babies "drowsy." That is an understatement. Our first night home we went to sleep expecting her to wake us when she was hungry. We woke up over 6 hrs later and struggled to rouse her in order to feed her. We now set an alarm to make sure she doesn't go too long without eating. Only once has she woken up on her own to eat. I really think she would only eat 3 or 4 times a day if we let her. On the plus side, she sleeps great so we aren't up all night with a fussy baby. Count your blessings.

P.P.S. While I have been writing this we got the news that Jane does NOT have PKU. Now we just have to learn how to feed a child who doesn't have PKU!


Alicia said...

What a blessing! She is adorable and we are so happy for you all. I love the picture of Charlie holding Jane because his little chubby hand shows. He still looks little in this picture. Pretty soon he will seem so big.

NaeNae said...

Hey Katie and Keith, so fun to hear more about your experience of bringing Baby Jane into the world.I loved all the pictures she is so beautiful. SO jealous i cant hold her. After looking at her i think Brianna looks huge haha and she is alot smaller and pettite at her age compared to our other kids. We are glad you all doing well. So sweet to see your family complete in another way with another one. Thanks for sharing we sure love you guys and all you do. I was going to say with the sleepy baby and the medicine that causes her to sleep so much i would just train her to sleep at night, and when she gets bigger she just might keep doing it. As you said weird but good blessing haha glad she does not have pku. We love you guys.Jenae And by the way katie you don't even look like you just had a baby you look amazing.

Gayle said...

Thanks for sharing your precious pictures. We have been following your little family with prayers in our hearts and text messages from your mom at 3:30 in the morning. I am grateful to have known your family all these years. Gayle

Deb said...
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Deb said...

Little Jane is so adorable; I love all of these sweet pictures of your family! We've been praying mightily for you that you'd have a safe delivery (even Manu would mention "Auntie Katie" in his little prayers). It is truly a blessing to hear that all went well, and that Jane doesn't have PKU! Hooray!

Even without meds, Manu was a sleepy baby. I had to set an alarm for his night feedings for the first little while, too. And after a couple weeks, I just let him keep on sleeping. It was awesome.

We love you and your family tons!

Whitney Hardie said...

My Dear Katie, it filled me with such joy to read this! I'm so glad that you had a very special experience bringing Jane into the world and I'm beyond thrilled that the seizures didn't cause you too much distraction. She is so so beautiful and perfect and it makes my heart swell with love to think of you and your sweet family.

I love you so much! Kiss that girl for me.