Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jane had a Birthday!

Our sweet, not so little, bundle of joy has turned 2!

I took these pictures the morning of her birthday. It was just like any other morning but it seemed like a good day to document her bed head and the enthusiastic way in which she jumps into the day.

Charlie and I had practice for his first church primary program in the morning, so Keith took Jane on her very first daddy-daughter date. :)  She won't remember it, but Keith will.

She loved opening her presents. Toddlers have enthusiasm for opening paper enclosed packages that I have never seen matched. Charlie, on the other hand, enjoys opening things to see what is inside. It was a win win that way; Jane loved opening them and Charlie would play with them. She has since enjoyed the actual presents themselves, but at that moment it was all about the paper. And yes. That is Christmas wrapping paper. We are just that cool.

I made the same cake this year as I did last; pumpkin cake with pumpkin spice glaze. (Yes, it is every bit as good as it sounds.) As long as I get to choose this will be her birthday cake every year. She sure enjoyed it! least until she intentionally began pressing her little thumbs into it and almost instantaneously realized what she had done and burst into tears.

Tragedy thy name is broken cake!

Luckily Daddy saved the day by happily dividing the cake into a few more pieces then stood back and exclaimed: "Look! You have more cake!"

I love how that kind of stuff works with toddlers.

Jane, if you read this in the future, and even if you don't, I want to let you know how much I love being your mother. You were the missing piece to our family. Even at your young age you impress me with your gentle kindness. I love your spunk, curiosity about everything around you, easy smile, your hugs and kisses (or as you say: "muh"), and even sometimes your attitude (because sometimes it is so darn cute!). You are a clever girl with determination to do things on your own (which is aggravating at times, but great too), or to do whatever you see Charlie do (ex: you climb up the "rock" wall on the playground downstairs, stand precariously on the top, and fearlessly leap off of it onto the big pillow chair because that is what Charlie does, and it makes you happy). I love to watch you jump, move your arms, and dance with abandon to songs. You are destined for greatness and don't ever forget it. I treasure this age. At times it makes me a bit sad to think about how fast it is going by, but I am excited for the years and adventures ahead, together.
I love you.

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branches 'n' twigs said...

Happy birthday beautiful Jane!!!