Thursday, April 21, 2016

Seizure Groupies

Lunch at a lovely city park while there was a break during the conference. 

Last Saturday Keith and I took a trip to Minneapolis to attend the first Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota conference.

We came away with some good information. It was especially nice to grab a minute with the doctors or specialists after the sessions to get there opinion on what we should do next at this point.

We also came away with some "swag" from the many companies and organizations that had booths at the conference. The kids especially like the pencils that change color as they change temperature and have brain erasers. Pretty cool.

I came away feeling very grateful for the many many support networks that are out there for people with epilepsy. Especially for those who don't know what the cause is. I am one of the blessed few who know why they have seizures. My seizures are a (very obnoxious) symptom of the tumor. At times I feel helpless, but knowledge is power and I am blessed with the knowledge that so very many others at that conference do not have. My heart ached as I talked to a mother of a young daughter with epilepsy. Like so many others there, no one could tell her what was causing the seizures that were slowly erasing the daughter she once knew.

It is times like these that make me thankful that I have a tumor.

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