Thursday, June 11, 2020

Happy First Anniversary Alex and Marley!

Happy Anniversary Alex and Marley!!!*

I apologize for neglecting to post about your lovely and special day last year. However, it was so much fun to look through pictures of that day! 

Cousins bonding over Pokemon (I think) as we waited for pictures to begin. 

There was music so Jane twirled and danced.

After pictures, the ceremony began.

 I was doing fine until I saw Alex tearing up... so many happy tears!

It was an absolutely perfect day. The spirit was strong as our family grew and two lives united. My "little" brother Bug found a wonderful woman to share his eternity with and I couldn't be happier for them. Marley is a gem and she and Alex are a really special couple. I love them both so much!

I feel incredibly blessed for this family of mine! 

It just keeps getting bigger and I love it!

*Today isn't their actual one year anniversary. It is Monday, June 15th. However, I'm spending that day having a same-day surgery to replace my VNS battery, but I didn't want to miss celebrating them!

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