Monday, December 17, 2007

Reading day?

BYU giving us a reading day on Saturday is akin to having a national holiday on Saturday, it is just wrong. I threw a sledding party as a last "hurrah" before I left. Deb and I white-washed each other several times (she started it), Heber made the perfect jump (which Deb bravely went off of), Dave took great pictures, we made a sledding train, and we made hot cocoa and soup. It was a fabulous day. Here are some highlight photos courtesy of Dave.

Five more crazy days until I will be home, sweet home!!!

One of the best pictures ever.

Thanks to Deb's white-wash job just before this jump, my face was numb so it didn't hurt...much.

Introducing Sarah Preece. She will be my Patagonia pal in Argentina next semester. She is awesome.

Deb almost made her jump a clean run. Almost.

We actually kept the train together, all the way until the crash at the end.

We were up by Aspen Grove behind Timp. Lovely day.

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