Saturday, December 8, 2007

A weekend of theatre

The cast came off Tuesday! Whoooo, hoooo! Unfortunately the foot is not as happy about that as I am. It is slowly but steadily improving, and I have a neat scar, so all is well.

Last night Crys and I went to see Dana in her last production with Divine Comedy. It was fantastic! For all of you who have never gone to one of their shows you are missing out on a great chance to wave glow sticks and laugh hysterically at BYU life.

Today Diane, Karen, Jeff (the Bowns' brother), and I went to "Devdas" at the International Cinema on campus. We all are big fans of Bollywood (the Indian Hollywood) films, but this one was a bit different. It was the most depressing love story ever; I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. It did, however, have classically good Bollywood costumes, dancing, and music (all Bollywood films are musicals). If you want to experience a Bollywood film you must watch "Kal Ho Naa Ho." Roughly translated it means "tomorrow may never be." One of the best movies I have ever seen. But be prepared with a good pile of tissues.

Today it snowed, snowed, snowed again! I love it! I was sitting on the couch trying to read about the battle to save the Rainham marshes, but kept on getting distracted by the snow falling through the street lamp beams, and the Christmas tree lights. I remember back when I was a kid living at home; I loved when the time came to put up Christmas lights. From my bedroom window I could see the big colored ones lining the roof and the small white ones draped in the trees. The only thing prettier was when they reflected off fresh snow. On those nights Mom would let me leave my window blind open and the Christmas lights turned on so I could look at them from my bed. I remember fighting to stay awake just so I could watch the splendor a little longer. It was as if I was being sung to sleep by visible Christmas carols that put a spell of enchantment over my home. Sweet dreams and Merry Christmas.

P.S. Next time it snows, take a moment to notice the size and shape of snow flakes, and the speed and patterns in which they fall. Watch the falling snow a few different times as the night goes on and gets colder. Focus in on one flake and watch it fall, and then another, and another. You may be surprised at how interesting a bunch of frozen water can be; I was.

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