Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer fun in Utah

Summer is the time for festivals and Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days sounded like just the one for me. Saturday morning Deb and Nate, Whitney and Joe, and me and I piled into the car with high hopes and visions of flats heaped with juicy fresh strawberries. We got there just in time to catch the tail end of the parade (a hummer with "go green" banner, huh?) before heading off to the rides and treats. Corn dogs are a must for me at fairs and Whitney was appalled at my never having tasted funnel cake, so we ordered some fried goodness dug in. Yummy. Conversation digressed from the life of a carnival worker to getting sick on rides, so we headed off to find the art and quilt show. It was small, but good and made me want to join a quilting bee that meets in meadows instead of living rooms.
There was, however, one big disappointment to Strawberry Days: a severe lack of strawberries. We walked all over that carnival (which didn't take long) and the only strawberries we found were from California and sold in small over priced cups with cream. Nothing close to the buckets of local strawberries my mom used to bring home from the valley farmers each June. My dream of stuffing myself full of strawberries and licking the juice from my sticky fingers was shattered. that is what you get when you smooth out fields and plant houses.

The day before my good friend and roomie, Karen, of three years got married in the Timpanogos temple. Merrill has been in the ward for a long time and used to be Joe's roommate. The fun and lovely reception was Saturday evening at her parent's house. It was tons of fun to have so many of the old roomies and their hubbys together.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake they had cupcakes, but they still cut them.
Whitney was the photographer and did a great job (I got a sneak peak at just a few shots). She will be posting more pictures on her blog, so check it out!

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