Thursday, July 3, 2008


A couple evenings a week have found me up Rock Canyon lately working on my sport climbing, which includes my ability to lead climb. This Tuesday I was just about to my next bolt when I got "sewing machine legs," and my hands felt slick no matter how much chalk I dusted on them. I shifted my weight to move my right foot and a scream reverberated off the canyon walls and filled the air that I found myself falling through. I came to a stop, swallowed my heart back into my chest, and thanked Gavin for a job well done on the other side of the rope. It was only then that I realized that the scream belonged to me. And yes, I scream like a girl.

I took inventory of my limbs, found only minor scratches and bumps, and latched back on to the rock. I had gotten my first lead fall out of the way; it had to happen sometime. I fell twice more on the climb, but didn't scream... as much.

Note: A big lead fall in rock climbing is often referred to as a "screamer." Mine wasn't quite far enough to qualify, but this one does, and he didn't even scream!

Last weekend I had the delight of traveling with my aunt and cousins up to visit my grandparents in Idaho Falls. We hiked lava beds, played cards, planted flowers, and visited family (I also got to spend some quality time on a trampoline). Family really, really, really, is wonderful.


Bennett Family said...

Holy Cow you crazy girl! I would have screamed too. India was AMAZING. Thx for the encouragment! check out my photos:

Karen said...

I am so glad you didn't get hurt seriously or DIE! Oh goodness, I'm glad Gavin was there! I miss you!

twigs said...

The twigs and I are glued to the computer reliving every detail of "Amazing Adventures with Katie"! The only thing Zac can say is "I want to do that!"