Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blue John Canyon and a Happy Fourth

The evening after my mango adventure (see previous post) I headed south with two friends (Gavin and Katie) to do a sort of loop through Blue John canyon the next day. We followed what we hopped were good directions deep into BLM land and slept under the stars. When the sun came up the next morning we realized that this cattle camp we were at actually had "nice" accommodations available. At least the foxes liked them.

The canyon was great. We had our doubts for a while as there was lots of slogging through sandy washes in 106F weather, but the amazing slots made it all worth it. We rappelled a little and wiggled, jammed, and smeared our way up.

I am strong...
...Gavin is strong...
...but Katie is strongest! (it is hard to see, but Gavin is on top)

Chacos are great! We wadded nasty water, hiked, climbed, and not a single blister!
There were only a few pools, the deepest being waist high, and even though they smelt gross the cool water felt great.

Slogging through sand.
If you can't go over it... go under it. This tunnel went under this giant chalk stone/boulder.

And of course, critters. The lizards had neat green bellies and their top sides matched the rock quite nicely.
A kangaroo rat! Maybe he was too hot to care, but he let us get really close for photos.
I will be gone for almost two weeks rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho, so be ready for more in a little while!

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Bennett Family said...

once again...GREAT PHOTOS! You are always up for an adventure-so cool. I love the shot of you wedged in the slot. Keep us posted about the Rainier climb next summer-sounds like tons of fun!