Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dangerous Mango

I love fruit, all types. So when I saw that Smith's had ripe mangoes on sale I excitedly bought one and delightedly ate the whole juicy thing in one setting late Wednesday night. It was the first time I had ever had more than a couple slices in one setting (that is the consequence of having siblings) and I savored every bite.

The mango began to exact its revenge about 3am Thursday morning when I awoke with swollen hands, face, and tongue, nauseous, and with nasty bad abdominal pain. My dear roomies awoke to my moaning and called my home teachers who gave me a blessing and carried me to the car. Melinda committed what was probably her first ever traffic violation when she ran a red light on the way to the ER. Three hours, an IV of pain meds, a couple blood tests, and a cat scan later I was released with a confused shrug from the doctor. It was only later that I thought back to that mango. Why couldn't I be allergic to something like Brussels sprouts instead?

After breakfast at Denny's and a long nap I was feeling almost back to normal so I went ahead with the fourth of July canyoneering plans I had. Those pictures are coming...


Whitney Hardie said...

Katie - I can't believe it! Mango allergy. You are so lucky you didn't grow up in Hawaii or something. Imagine the taunting.

There goes that girl who can't eat mangoes!

I'm glad you're doing better.

Nate said...

I have a friend who grew up in Hawaii and is violently allergic to mangoes! Sad day.

Glad that you woke up on time!

Sarah said...

Good times, good times. I think we should go to Denny's on Thursday morning just to commemorate the one-week mark of you being completely mango-free.