Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I sure did. On Wednesday Keith and I drove up to Pocatello with his family to spend a few days with his mom's side of the family. I was too busy having fun to remember to take pictures, sorry. We ate, played games, and ate some more. Wednesday evening Keith, his aunt, and I went to see the play "Forgotten Carols." His cousin was in the choir and it was fantastic. During intermission we got to go backstage (Keith has connections) and meet Michael McLean (the producer, star, etc). On Thanksgiving morning some of us went to shoot clay pigeons. I do not have photographic evidence, but I did actually hit a few of them. I am not, however, very skilled with firearms and have a bruise on my shoulder to prove it.

Friday morning we headed back to Utah and Keith and I got dropped off in Layton to visit the Branch's for a couple of days. No Thanksgiving at the Branch house would be complete without the annual creation of "the Village." Everyone gets a house made of graham crackers (okay, so not really gingerbread) to decorate. Each village always has frozen pond in the middle and a path with benches. It is fun to see the new inventions that get added each year.

Keith and I were neighbors :-) with a shared backyard. We have an M&M river, firewood piles, a tree, and a bench. The wreath on my backdoor (the house on the right) was a gift from Emily.

Our front yards. Please note the weeping willow in my front yard on the left. I was quite pleased with myself.
Emily and her house with a backyard full of gummy dinosaurs.
Keith putting up his Christmas lights (bits of Nerd Rope candy).

Hunter, Emily, and Zac with the finished village.

On Saturday we met up with Jason, Natalie, and their wonderful family to hike on Antelope Island. There were buffalo, great views, geocaches, and fun bouldering rocks.

It doesn't look very tall in the picture, but this was an impressive rock that Emily and I conquered.

And now it is back to the grindstone for three weeks. But after that... oh, good times are comin'.


Whitney Hardie said...

Oh my gosh!!! I'm glad you had so much fun. That picture of you two is so cute I might burst with happiness. Love you!

twigs said...

Dear One,
Emily is going through "Katie withdrawal" and the boys are going through "Keith withdrawal". You left marks all over our hearts. You're wonderful!

tpmotd said...

When you wrote about the annual creation of "the Village" I immediately thought of the movie with that name and wondered how they managed to make it in gingerbread...

Whitney Hardie said...

Katie, it was great talking to you on the phone. Just wanted you to know that I realize you are the number one commentator on my blog. I don't know how you manage to come up with a unique phrase each time. I would just be tempted to copy and paste my comments.

You really are the best!

Liz said...

I especially like that your backyards have a river. Very nice. :) You must tell me who your landscaper is.