Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cutest Little Guy in the NICU

Well we might be a little biased, but the nurses tend to agree that he is one cute kid. So, for your viewing pleasure here are more pictures of little Charlie.

He is being weaned off of his IV as he continues to eat better and better (no small victory for both him and me). As of tonight he is IV free and we are hoping he will stay that way. He is also off of antibiotics.

Yesterday morning Keith got to hold our son for the first time. Talk about two happy guys.

This is what Charlie looked like about five hours after he was born as they transported him to the other hospital. We sure have come a long ways! Thank you for all the prayers. They are being answered in abundance and we are grateful for them.

Other than staying IV free, the last task for Charlie to accomplish before we can take him home is getting over some mild jaundice. To accomplish this his cradle has been turned into a baby tanning bed complete with eye shield. As he is not wrapped up for his tanning sessions, he likes to sleep arms up.

Got to make sure to get both sides evenly!

He is working hard to get better and come home. The nurses told us that the day he went off the respiratory support had been a surprise. He had pulled out his tubes on his own and was breathing fine on his own when they saw what he had done.


Deb said...

Hooray for Charlie! Congratulations Katie and Keith! I'm so excited for you and your cute little guy and glad to hear he's doing so much better. Love you!

Alicia said...

Wonderful news! He looks so chubby and cute. Wish we were closer so we could hold that cute baby.

Spring said...

He is SOOOOOOO beautiful. I really mean it, so so cute. So happy he is improving so quickly. Love you lots!

Miriam said...

Ella loved to sleep with her arms near her face. We are so glad things are going well. We will keep you all in our prayers!

Suzanne Earl said...

What a cutie!!! We continue to pray for you all during this time- WE know from experience the ups and downs of the NICU and the joy of every victory... YAY for NO IV'S!!!!!!!!