Friday, April 29, 2011


Keith and I named sweet Charlie after my wonderful dad.


I am blessed to be his daughter.

I love his adventurous spirit and his love of God's creations.
Patagonia, 2008

He loves and has built a great marriage with Mom.
Andes, 2008

He takes his kids fishing. That sounds like a little thing, but it is not.
Bowron Lakes, Canada, 2006

He loves the good and simple things in life (like finding a ripe blackberry bush on his walk home through the woods).
Patagonia, 2008

He keeps friends for life.
Dad and Steve, Colorado River, Grand Canyon, 2002
(Dad and Steve climbed Denali when I was little. While there they decided that the next trip they took needed to be someplace warm. After that they got on the waiting list to raft the Grand Canyon).

He spends quality time with us kids and teaches us about everything from physics to gospel principles.

He is courageous.

He helps each of us reach our full potential in whatever we choose to do.
Dad and daughters on the summit of Rainier, 2001.

Dad and sons on summit of Rainier, 2010.

I love you Dad.

Happy Birthday!

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Chuck Temus said...

Thhanks for all the wonderful comments. You are a fabulous daughter. Love you Dad