Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Brooke

Many of you have probably heard of the passing of my precious niece Brooke through emails and Facebook. I won't retell it here but will direct you to my dear sister Sarah's blog where she beautifully wrote twice during Brooke's last days on earth. This last week has been incredibly hard but made lighter by feelings of peace that come from knowing that we can be with her again. I have had little moments and memories brought to mind that testify that this was not a surprise to our Heavenly Father, as it was to us. He knew her time on earth would not be long and has comforted us and blessed us. I am thankful for all the time we had with her even though we lived so far away.

Sarah and Darren waited a long time for her to come. Shortly before my Grandma Earl passed away, my mom whispered in her ear "send me grand babies." Within a few short months both Sarah and I were pregnant.
  Grandma sent us two of the very best spirits there were.

We all have enjoyed every moment with her. She loved to explore the wide world around her and truly lived her short life to the fullest.

She loved making discoveries with all of her senses but especially touch.

She loved the brushing of grass, the cold smoothness of water, and the softness of fabrics.

One of her many delights was to roll and wiggle in blankets and piles of clothes. It was like she was dancing in them.

She approached every new thing with wide blue eyes and a big grin.

Her enthusiasm encouraged me to jump in instead of holding back and I was always glad I did.

The other characteristic that has impressed me about Brooke is her willingness to love everyone so openly.

Of course she adored her parents- they gave her a wonderful life on this earth! When Sarah came home from work she had to hide from Brooke while she washed her hands or Brooke would wail while she did so. She lavished attention on both of her adoring parents.
But it wasn't just her parents that were blessed by her love. Brooke didn't mind being held and cuddled by others either. She would smile at you with those enormous blue eyes, snuggle into your neck, and you instantly felt better as a person. That is at least how it always was for me. I couldn't be doing that bad if this perfect little angel gushes love to me.

I could go on and on about this little girl that expanded out world and hearts. Brooke had each of us- mom, dad, aunts, uncles, and grandparents- wrapped tightly around one of her tiny fingers. She will always have a firm hold on our hearts.

Please continue to keep Sarah and Darren in your prayers, and give the children in your life a little extra love.

A funeral will be held this Saturday from 2:30 to 3:30.
We will be having an open viewing starting at 1pm and an open reception immediately following the funeral that all are invited to attend.
8615 176th St. E Puyallup

Many friends and family have expressed a desire to send flowers for Brooke’s funeral service or to help with the medical and funeral expenses. A dear family friend has created the Brooke E. Jaggi Memorial F
und. We request that those wishing to support our family make a donation to the Fund. Your donations will be used to cover Brooke’s medical and funeral expenses, and all remaining funds will be donated to one or more of the following charities that have helped Sarah and Darren through this difficult time: The TEARS Foundation, Seattle Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care Fund , and Olive Crest.
You can donate to the Brooke E. Jaggi Memorial Fund by:
• Wells Fargo Bank: Make a deposit to account number 7862923385 or by the name Brooke E Jaggi Memorial Fund. Deposits can be made at any branch, transferred from another Wells Fargo account or mailed in.
• PayPal: Make a PayPal transfer to the PayPal account. You will see that it says something about the money going to Sierra – that’s the name of the family friend who created the Fund on our behalf. The money will be deposited into the memorial fund account at Wells Fargo.

We can’t even begin to express how touched we have been by all of your love, prayers, and support. Thank you so much for all you have done for our family.


Liz said...

Thank you for the beautiful thoughts and photos. She is such a precious little thing.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Katie.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Katie. My heart has been so full this past week for your whole family. The love and support your entire family has given mine throughout the years never ceases to amaze me. I love you all so much and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Also thanks for letting us know about the memorial fund. It's a wonderful way for all of us who really want to do something to be useful to your family at this time.

Spring said...

So beautiful Katie! I love Brooke's eyes and smile. I cried when I read that your mom told Grandma to send her babies. Oh how I bet she did. I love your family so very much. I wish I could be there this Saturday. Please give Sarah an extra hug for me!

Whitney Hardie said...

Beautiful photographs and sentiments, Katie. We will remember Sarah and Darren in our prayers for a long long while. What a beautiful spirit little Brooke has - it shows right through those gorgeous eyes. All my love to you and yours in this roughest of times.

branches 'n' twigs said...

Ditto what Spring said. Love you!