Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Nephew and a Trip to WA (2 fo 2)

More fun with the family in Washington!
An afternoon at a splash pad in Tacoma. Charlie, ever so cautious around water, took a while to warm up to the idea, and then soaked himself before I could change him out of his clothes.
Snagging some Ben time at the splash pad.
Enjoying Charlie's first snow cone at the Farmer's Market.
No summer trip home would be quite complete without a picnic dinner along the Puget Sound. It combines all things that are symbolically Northwest (glacial peaks, ferries, evergreen trees, seawater, and rocky beaches).

Charlie LOVED walking and climbing on the driftwood and was quite intrigued with the long kelp whips.
I kind of wish I had the next three pictures in video format. In a desperate effort to reach a couple of particularly desireable rocks, Charlie was saying "reach, reeeeeeach" as he struggled to get over the log. Instead of helping the poor guy we laughed at his comical predicament. Don't judge.

I will have it noted that he recovered well and did obtain the desired rocks.

Ah, here we go. A couple pictures of model parents. Ben, you have it pretty good. Seriously though. These newly minted parents are pretty cute and incredibly awesome.

Charlie's expression in the picture on the right pretty much says it all: we loved our time in Washington!


Whitney Hardie said...

OH my gosh! Charlie's REEEEAAACH progression is hilarious. So glad you got it on camera.

Spring said...

Oh I love Charlie reaching over the log. Laughed so hard! And little Ben is just the sweetest, so happy for Liz. And I love your beautiful Washington!

Deb said...

Love the reaching for rocks photos! So funny!