Friday, September 13, 2013

Take a Peek Inside my Head

Last month while my dear friend Becky was here visiting/helping from Utah I had my second MRI just to make sure the tumor was behaving as well as a brain tumor can be expected to behave, and not growing. The tumor is still there (bummer, but expected) but has not grown at all.
Charlie with Becky and her sweet son Owen. Charlie fell in love with Becky.
Becky has gone through some experiences over the last couple of years that allow her to relate to my current situation really well. It was fabulous to spend time with someone who could understand so well what I was feeling. She also let us know that all we had to do to get a copy of the MRI was to ask the technician. So we did. And here is a screen shot so you can take a look.
The tumor is on my left side so the four pictures that make it look like it is on the right must be looking up at it, not down from above my head.
This is the last MRI for now. Once our sweet little girl makes her arrival we will give the neurosurgeon a call and schedule a surgery date for 3-7 weeks out (hopefully closer to 7). Before the surgery I will have a contrast MRI which can't be done while I am pregnant but will give the surgeon more information to work with. So basically, this should be one of the last images where my brain looks like this.

P.S. Eyeballs look weird in MRIs.


branches 'n' twigs said...

pps - but teeth look boss! :)

Love you Katie Girl!!

beckstarr said...

Ohh Katie! I loved my time there with you guys, and I miss sweet Charlie. He's such a good boy. I hope you're hanging in there! I was just looking at sewing machines (mine broke) and wondered what kind of machine you have. I liked the industrial feel of your old school beauty. Your tumor is just so intimidating. I look at it and just pray that the contrast will give some better boundaries. The good thing is that no matter how skilled or unskilled the surgeon, our Heavenly Father is the one in charge of what does and does not get fixed up. Ultimately, that's it, and it gives me comfort. You are such a good woman, and your good hubby is such a good man, in so many many ways. We love you guys, and we're just going to weary the Lord with petitions for you and your sweet bebbeh!

Deb said...

so crazy to see!

I'm getting to excited for your little girl to be here soon!

Love you tons!