Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yet again I couldn't get him to smile. Food is serious stuff apparently.
Charlie had his birthday earlier this month! Whenever someone would tell him happy birthday he would reply "Happy Birthday (Mommy, Daddy, Ama, Papa, Uncle Joe, etc)." For his birthday we went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (a very PKU friendly restaurant) and then came home to have cake and open a couple presents. It was pretty great.

He looks so very grown up to me! Here is a bit of what he is up to these days:

He LOVES Veggie Tales (can't blame him, I do too). We got all of them for Christmas. :) He especially loves any that feature Larry Boy. After getting really tired of watching the two movies that feature Larry Boy, Keith had the genius idea to call any Veggie Tales movie "Larry Boy and..." Thankfully it worked. Now he just wants to watch the one with the hairbrush song over and over again.

He still loves to sing and learn new songs. The only problem is with this is when he requests a song that we don't know. It isn't uncommon for whomever is putting him to bed to call out for backup because he/she doesn't know the words to a particular song that has been requested. This has been a frequent situation with all the grandparents that have been staying here lately.

He likes to sing to Jane when she takes her naps.

He likes to "help" whenever Jane takes a bath. Often his brand of helping includes driving his cars over her face.

Ever since Papa introduced him to pipes and downspouts he watches for them everywhere. While in his highchair recently he noticed two downspouts on the building we can see through our window. He mentions them almost every time he is in his highchair now.

The other morning Keith went in to Charlies room to get him out of bed and the first thing Charlie says is: "I hear the magical sound of things out there."
Keith: "Oh yeah?"
Charlie: "It's amazing!"
(One of his favorite songs these days is My Heavenly Father Loves Me).

He likes to fold Jane's hands for her during family prayer.

He is full of energy and likes to test us sometimes, but we love him so much! We are so glad he is ours!


Melinda said...

Three already! Wow! I hope he can always hear the magical sound of things!

Granny B said...

Oh how I miss being there and waking to Charlie singing his songs in the mornings! Grandpa Joe refuses to sing primary songs to me in the morning...

Spring said...

How did he turn 3 already? Wow! What a sweetheart!

branches 'n' twigs said...

What a fantastic three year old! Happy birthday happy little Charlie!!

Unknown said...

What an amazing boy! We love you Charlie! Happy Birthday!!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie! I can't believe how big he is. And he sure made that cake look like the most amazing thing in the world.