Monday, April 14, 2014

If I Can't Control My Hair, How Can I Control My Life?

Right after a bath it is looking pretty cute and nice. (Pictured here with cousin Grant who is only a week older than her and doesn't have her same hair issues.) A post about that delightful visit is hopefully coming soon... Anyway, back to the hair.

She is pretty excited about it too.

It slowly but steadily gets crazier from there.

We try a bow now and again as a desperate attempt to improve it a bit. Does it work?

Don't answer that.



Even though her hair is a bit (or a lot) unmanageable, she is still a cutie.


Sarah said...

She definitely is still a cutie!

Beverly said...

Your baby girl is just simply stunning! What a perfect pure face! I hope you are doing well, thanks for the smiles these darling pictures gave me! :)

Spring said...

Holy cute cakes. I made Sean come over and "see the cutest baby alive." Her bright eyes and dark hair is so precious! Such a doll. Sean totally agreed. And I LOVE her crazy hair!!!

branches 'n' twigs said...

Ha ha! Perfect quote for that darling little baby girl! :)

Karen said...

She's adorable! Crazy hair or no! She is also getting so big!!

Deb said...

Love Jane's crazy hair! She is so adorable!