Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Christmas in Utah

A huge "bonus" to Joe and Jessica being married in Utah in December was that it meant that we got to spend Christmas with Granny B and Grandpa Joe! I know this post is REALLY late, but how could I skip a post about a Christmas with grandparents?

There was lots of snow so Grandpa was glad to have extra shovelers around.

We took a trip to the aquarium and it was a hit.

Jane loved the toucan and Charlie loved posing on giant frogs. Jane enjoyed sitting on the frogs but did not enjoy getting her picture taken.

Sledding! Charlie had been desperate for a hill so he could go sledding. Poor Fargo kid.


It isn't sledding without races and as it turned out, we all have a bit of a competitive streak. Keith had to strip down to his shorts to show just how manly he has become from living through Fargo winters.

I love these two fun people.

Rocking a pink snowsuit while sledding is tiring work.
Fox and geese with Grandpa. Charlie had been waiting to have enough people (3 or more) to play this ever since the first snow fell in Fargo.

Grandpa Joe training Charlie in the art of bird identification with the quail and finches out the backdoor.

Granny B gives a new Christmas tree ornament to each grand-kid every year. This year Charlie and Jane each got a little owl.

Bonnie graciously used her sewing magic to greatly improve a poorly made dress I had. As I snapped this picture I heard Charlie say to Granny B: Oh! So that is how you sew! :)

All Granny B asked for for Christmas was an updated and nice photo of each son for her photo wall. So when Shawn sent Keith a digital image for Keith to print out for the wall Keith (with some help from Charlie) made sure it looked nice.

A white Christmas! It was perfection!
Well I thought so at least. But then again I wasn't the one who had to drive to the airport to pick up Shawn and his friend Christmas morning. :)

Jane checking on Ginger, pushing her new baby stroller and brushing one of her new Christmas ponies.

Sadly, shortly after Christmas, Ginger went to heaven where I am sure she is waiting enthusiastically for the one who loves her most. It was a treat to see her, and for the kids to see her, one more time before she died.

Keith and I took a drive with Charlie one day and showed him the sights of our old stomping grounds. Included in the tour was the apartment he lived in when he was born and the newly completed Provo City Temple. A building transformed from historic tabernacle into a holy temple after a fire destroyed everything but the exterior walls.

A trip to Orem wouldn't be complete without visiting the Clegg Clan!

Jane literally would try to yank their baby James from my arms every time I took him out of hers because he was crying. The girl is baby obsessed.

Our entire Utah trip was full of family and lots of love. I don't believe there is any feeling better in the world than being surrounded by love.


branches 'n' twigs said...

Sweet pictures and memories, Katie. What wonderful people who love you so much! <3

Granny B said...

What a beautiful tribute to our wonderful Christmas holiday! Thank you Katie! We love all of you so much!