Saturday, June 11, 2016

Granny B and the Hunt for a House

In case you haven't heard we are moving in three weeks to St. Louis. Yep. We are leaving the frigid winters and lovely summers of Fargo, and returning to the oppressive heat and humidity of southern summers, paired with the mild winters. We are basically going from one extreme to the other.

For many reasons, that I won't bother going into here, we decided to buy a house. Keith and I are newbies at the whole house hunting thing so at first we thought we would just take the kids along. After tossing that idea around for a few weeks, and talking with more experienced house hunters, we ditched that idea and flew Granny B up to watch the kiddos for the week.

It didn't take long on our trip to realize that that had been a fabulous decision.

Granny B was quite pleased that even though she never raised a girl, she still rocked doing Jane's hair each morning.

With their powers combined, Granny B and Charlie totally nailed "wacky day" at preschool.

It sounded like they had a fun week. Charlie especially liked having her watch him at gymnastics.

She stayed for another week after we returned (having successfully found a house) so Keith and I could get in on the fun as well.

She brought a kite with her, which is pretty much perfect for Fargo. One sunny day we took it to the park and had a grand ol' time.

Granny's still got it!

After kite flying we had to play on the big toys for a bit.

The picture on the left is from Granny B's visit when we first moved here and the one on the left is when she visited just before we left; this visit. Jane was almost 1 when we came. Crazy how much she has grown.

Thank you so much Granny B for the visit. It was incredibly comforting to know Charlie and Jane were in such capable and caring hands. It was also a blast spending time together after we got back!

We love you!


Granny B said...

Wow! This made my day! What fun memories! I love you all so much! XOXOX

Melinda said...

You're coming to Missouri !?! We are still at Mizzou for one more year and are in the St. Louis temple district. You'll have to let me know how the house hunting goes and we should definitely plan a get together. Looks like your kiddos had a lot of fun. Thank goodness for grandmas.