Monday, November 21, 2016

Hair (or lack thereof) Update

I know this is kind of a strange thing to blog about, but I wanted to document my journey and this is a part of that.

This is (hopefully) the extent of my hair loss. Pardon the hat hair.
The baldspot spread along the left side which made it impossible to hide with the ear warmers that I have been given by sweet friends. So I decided to just cut it all of and go with a short pixie since I am going to live in hats anyway for the next few months.
The day before cutting it off.
I have realized two things since loosing half my hair:
One, my exposed scalp is incredibly sensitive. Like really sensitive.
Two, I took for granted how much heat my hair kept in. I am constantly cold now and sleep in a loose (remember the sensitivity) fleece winter hat. Even with a pile of blankets!

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Granny B said...

Katie you are so brave! I know this experience hasn't been without tears. Yet through it all you have maintained a good attitude and I admire you for it! Remember, this too shall pass...I love you so much!