Monday, November 21, 2016

Radiation: a Blessing in Disguise

The plaque above the bell reads: Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Smile-this is one of those moments!
My 29 days of radiation treatments are finished! It went far better than expected and, as strange as it may sound, it was a blessing in disguise. For one, contrary to expectations, it has drastically reduced the frequency of my seizures. The best average I have achieved is one every 3 days. Three years ago I was having 16 to 24 a day.

In the last 47 days I have had one. Only one single seizure in 47 days! The emotional freedom that has given me is tremendous!!!

 Along with her my "moms" have come for weeks at a time to drive me to those appointments, cared for Charlie and Jane so I could take much needed afternoon naps and just been a wonderful support to me and my little family. My Dad also came for the last of it. :)

We tried to make the best of the daily long trip to the hospital so almost every time we would go someplace fun. We spent several days at the extensive Missouri Botanical Gardens and frequented the Butterfly House on occasion. I am forever grateful for emotionally healing places such as those when wild places are so far away. Each of those trips could use their own post but this will have to do.

Another blessing has been the time I have spent with Jane. She has been my little "radiation buddy" and has taken the long trip to the hospital and back again almost as many times as I have. And she has been incredibly great about it. I let her help me ring the "victory" bell in the lobby after my final treatment. It was a moment filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the blessing of the technology that is available to give me this freedom, for the doctors and technicians who were so great and kind, and for the beginning of the realization of God's promise that the seizures would end.

Walking away after ringing the bell with a lump in my throat. Another part of the journey behind us.

(And I got to keep my mask which the kids have had a lot of fun with. :)  )

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