Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Northwest Family-filled Christmas

I know Christmas was quite a while ago, but it was just too good to skip it on the blog. We arrived at my folks place and headed over the mountains to visit Liz and her crew in the tri-cities for a few days. When we returned other siblings and families arrived one by one until we were all together for another Northwest Christmas Temus style. This was the last time we would all be together at our childhood home for a few years. Dad is retiring this spring! After a few planned adventures this year they are going to be leaving for 18 months to serve a church mission, which will be another big adventure. :)

Jane was really upset and distraught when she found out that the daddy cow had to be taken to another farm because he kept on breaking through the fences. We had broken up the little cow family and it almost brought her to tears. The importance of dads is not lost on her.

Making pizza and Christmas cookies. My mom finds the cookie making process much less stressful as a grandma than she did as a mom of little ones. Lower right: only the most photogenic cookies were chosen for this photo.

Liz organized a little nativity play for Christmas eve. It was short and a bit chaotic but really sweet too. The kids had fun with the cute costumes Liz had, Alex did a great job as the donkey, Charlie was instructing any one who would listen about how cows sound, the newly weds made for a cute Mary and Joseph, and Jane was stoked about being an angel. Upper right: Cooper with a shepard's crook can be a hazardous combination.

Charlie and Jane, of course, were the first to wake up Christmas morning. We entertained them with Christmas Bible videos for as long as they would last before taking them into Joe and Jessica before the rest of the house was ready. Joe would have rather slept longer but Jessica had offered so Joe got over ruled. Upper right: all three Davidson guys now have a guitar of some sort. I have seen a video and they may just be the next big thing. Lower right: Hannah definitely won the award for slowest and methodical present unwrapper.

Liz had given Dad a bottle of massage lotion for Christmas so after church she gave him a well-deserved foot massage. The grandkids wanted in on the action and I hope they payed close attention, especially Charlie and Jane. Hannah was the perfect weight for a back massage...

This little toy puppy would bark and scamper across the floor. It was given to Cooper but Hannah got the most enjoyment from it at least while we were there. Lower right: Charlie gets super excited by life cycles these days.

Charlie and Jane loved sweeping the floor with Papa.

The kids enjoyed the hot tub almost as much as the adults did relaxing in it after the kids were asleep.

A trio back home just isn't complete without at least a short ramble in the nearby woods.

There is something really special about seeing your kids play and become friends with your siblings' kids. We have our ups and downs, but I can't imagine life without my family. (Right: Charlie with Bally, the bald eagle that my dad had as a kid.)

I sure love these two!


Marti Temus said...

Oh Katie, thank you for the pictures and memories! It was such a wonderful time of laughter, joy and chaos all rolled in together. Let's do it again!! I'm afraid the little people will expect us to take down trees each time they come though as they were so excited about it. Love this family!! Thanks to each of you who made it such a wonderful time!!

branches 'n' twigs said...

This was so much fun to read!! Seeing the next generation playing together is SO FUN!! Way to rock the nativity costumes Liz - I'm inspired! Love you all <3