Friday, December 22, 2017

Jane's 4!

Back in October our darling Jane turned 4! She was very excited because now she could say her age properly. Before she had told people "tree" when they would ask as she hasn't quite mastered the "th" sound. She was pretty self-conscious about it. That fact seemed to be the main reason for her excitement with becoming four.

Here are just a few things I love about Jane...

 She knows how to have fun. The above pictures were taken as we waited almost an extra 30 minutes at the bus stop for Charlie because he had gotten on the wrong bus. She was quite entertained with a small puddle.

 This girl LOVES to dance! She has involuntarily moved to music since she was less than two and she still can't sit still. Now, however, she wants me to pause the music so she can go get her dancing clothes on. This always includes a skirt that twirls well, socks, and occasionally accesories like cat ears, mardi gras mask, a necklace, etc. In the picture above she is giving her friend Gracie twirling lessons.

 She is inquisitive and caring. We found a freshly dead baby garter snack on the walk home one day and we brought it home to examine with the magnifying glass. She was fascinated by the little scales and now wants to bring home most little worms and snakes that we find on our walks, no matter how long they have been there... yuck. She is also passionate about fall leaves. We would go on walks in the fall and I would show her the difference between maple and oak leaves. She picked it up quickly and would run and stuff handfuls of leaves in her little pockets whenever she saw a maple or oak tree. at home she would remove them from her pockets and glue them to colored paper. Nature art, as Charlie and she proudly called it.

 She is an absolute goofball. She loves being flipped upside down, raspberries on her belly, telling jokes that only Charlie and she find funny, and making funny faces in the mirror.

 She is my little big helper.
She loves being outside (as long as she is warm!) playing in mud, jumping on the neighbor's trampoline, swinging, perfecting her balance on "green" her balance bike, and anything Charlie is doing.

 She is really into horses/ponies/unicorns these days so naturally she requested a pony birthday cake. I don't do creative cakes. They intimidate me. So I got on Amazon, bought some unicorn figurines, stuck four on the cake and silently prayed she would be satisfied.

She was. (whew!) And as a bonus she got more additions to her pony/horses/unicorn herd.

Happy birthday my darling.
Ugha mugha.

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branches 'n' twigs said...

Love this post! Happy birthday, Jane!! <3